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Bethard is a bit of a new kid on the block for sports betting in the UK. They are definitely lesser known than most other bookmakers, but this does not do the site any justice for their reasonable range of offerings. They are fully regulated, and therefore a trustworthy online betting site.

Bethard Review: Most Popular Offers

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Sports & Markets Available: Over 100 Markets

While Bethard isn’t as established as some other major players in the UK betting industry, their site has been well developed and their offerings are reasonable. It is true that they do not have the same range as larger competitors, but they have a solid range of options for their members.

Some of the major sports available include basketball, golf, tennis, football (soccer), American football, boxing any many more. For each of these major sports, there tend to be more available markets than for the less popular sports, with over 100 markets available for some larger events. Bethard doesn’t have the largest range of markets for these major sports, but there is plenty to go for. This means that they will always have a money line, spread and over/under option for these sports plus tens and sometimes hundreds of other markets for big events.

Bethard also provides lesser-known sports such as beach volleyball, surfing, volleyball, snooker, and others. The selection of markets for these sports is almost always considerably less than for the major sports, with typically just the main 3 types of bets available – money line, spread and over/under.

For a site that isn’t considered to be one of the leading betting providers in the UK, they have a very respectable range. The site has also implemented available bets for politics, TV shows, and even international politics. So players looking for a variety of bets will certainly find that with Bethard.

As previously mentioned, the site has incorporated many different markets to add to their overall range of sports. Members have the chance to bet on all main markets including money line, spread and over/under betting for all of the available sports. And for more popular sports, the variety of markets is quite extensive.

Members of the site can also bet on the winner of a tournament or competition before they start. This gives an added selection and contributes to the overall variety of the site.

Odds & Limits: Pretty Competitive

The available odds on Bethard are actually greater than the industry average for many of their available events. This provides bettors with potentially much greater value through betting with Bethard vs. a competitor. The odds are rarely hugely higher, but every little helps in the world of sports betting.  Of course, it isn’t the case that the odds are always higher than other competitors, but for major events, this is often the case. Events of lower prestige can vary.

Bethard has certain limits that they enforce on the site, and players can also implement their own limits if desired. Firstly, the limits that Bethard enforces are shown here.

  • Minimum stake

Bethard remains consistent with what is seen with other sites, keeping the minimum stake for pre-event bets at £1. Also, like most other sites players have the chance to wager less if they are placing an in-play bet.

  • Maximum payouts

Since Bethard is a smaller site compared to other UK providers, it is no surprise really that their maximum payout amounts are smaller. The maximum amount that Bethard will payout, regardless of the sport or event is £100,000. The corresponding bet stake combined with the odds must, therefore, fit into this specification.

In addition to these limits enforced by Bethard, players can set some of their own limits. These are:

  • Deposit limits

In order to promote responsible gambling on the site, players can log in to their account and set specific deposit limits. This is a way to control spending habits on betting, and the time frames, as well as deposit amounts, can be altered to suit the player’s requirements. Deposit limits are typically set using either a daily, weekly, or monthly limit.

  • Playing time limits

Another feature that is directly related to responsible gambling is the playing time limit. Players can again log in to their account and set certain parameters for how long they are allowed to use their account. For example, a player can set the parameters so that they are locked out of the site following 30 minutes of playing time.

Available promotions

Bethard does have a welcome package for new customers, however, it is far less desirable and rewarding than what is commonly seen. To access this welcome package, a player must sign up and deposit at least £20. This is the initial eligibility deposit. After this, players will get 7 days whereby every £100 they wager will entitle them to a £5 free bet. This is a fairly large sum to wager in exchange for a £5 free bet.

The site actually only has 3 promotions; therefore there isn’t a clear bonus that is significantly better than the other 2. However, the most desirable and potentially rewarding promotion would have to be their quick spin achievements. This works by a player acquiring quick spin tokens through playing certain games on the site. If they accumulate enough they can earn prizes.

Bethard Review: Additional Features

Live Streaming

Bethard has live tracking software installed into their games. However, this merely allows players to track what is happening in the event, not to watch the actual game live.

Bethard Mobile App

Bethard developers have created a fully functional mobile app that both Android and iOS users can download. Users of the app have full access to all of the features that are available on the desktop site. It certainly hasn’t been a rushed job, and the app is very easy to use.

Final Thoughts: Definitely Recommended

Bethard has a great range of sports and markets considering their size. They offer respectable odds across the board, and players have the added bonus of being able to place live bets and track an event.  The major disappointment with this site is the lack of enticement in terms of their bonuses. Their welcome bonus is not really a welcome bonus at all, since players are required to wager £100 to get anything in return. And apart from that bonus, the huge wagering requirements to unlock any free bets would deter plenty of sports bettors.

Bethard is a reliable site, but they need to include much greater incentives to attract new members and keep current ones from shifting to another provider.

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Bethard Review